George A. Sargeant, Music Director

George A. Sargeant became the Music Director of the A Cappella Singers in the fall of 2014, after accompanying the group for nearly a decade under the direction of Sharon Brown, who retired after the 2013-2014 season.

Mr. Sargeant’s calm and confident demeanor is a perfect fit for this group of women who love to sing! While the music is always challenging, George directs each piece–and the program as a whole–brilliantly in preparation for the ACS performances.

Every concert includes an organ solo from our Maestro that adds a special touch and delights our audiences. Mr. Sargeant has also included an audience “Sing-a-Long” at the end of every performance that is wildly popular among our treasured guests.

Mr. Sargeant is the Associate Organist and Choirmaster at Boston’s historic Old South Church, Copley Square, and Assistant Organist at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Sudbury. Prior to those appointments, he also held positions at Church of the Covenant in Boston, Memorial Congregational Church in Sudbury, and Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church in Natick.

Maria Kaplun, Accompanist

Maria Kaplun was born in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia), in a Jewish family, and began her education in music there at the age of six. She trained as a classical pianist and performed at concert halls around the region, in Riazan’ Oblast, and in Abkhazia. From 1987 to 1990, she attended the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College of the Leningrad State Conservatory.

In 1991, chased by the rabid antisemitism of a collapsing civilization, Maria and her family left Russia, just as the Soviet Union was about to break apart in the throes of perestroika, and came to the U.S. as refugees. Because of a wrist trauma she’d suffered during the move, Maria could not continue as a concert pianist in America and, after learning English, began her higher education from scratch at a community college in her home state of Pennsylvania. She has a Master of Theological Studies degree from Harvard Divinity School and has spent most of her career teaching religious studies and philosophy to college students. She has also worked as a medical interpreter for Russian-speaking patients at Philadelphia hospitals, a Civil Affairs specialist in the United States Army Reserve, and a book review editor for the Journal of Ecumenical Studies.

Three years ago, Maria reunited her family by moving to Massachusetts and left her teaching position. She now takes care of her parents and works part time as accompanist and liturgical pianist and full time as writer and translator under the pen name River Adams. Her recent book There Must Be YOU: Leonard Swidler’s journey to faith and dialogue was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers in October 2014.

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