Open Rehearsals and Auditions are the first three rehearsals each semester. We meet in person at Fisk Church. In-person participation requires proof of vaccination, booster and a singer’s mask. Email or call us for the latest updates at or (774) 231-1963.

Open rehearsals are held the few Mondays of each semester, in September and January. If you love to sing, we welcome you to join us for an open rehearsal.

You will give a relaxed audition for our director, to place your voice and to confirm that you can read music. You may sing a short piece of your choice or a couple of verses from a hymn selected by the director. We prepare a number of songs for each concert and it is very helpful if you are able to read music. No audition is needed for online participation, however, you must contact us at least two days prior to the rehearsal for us to make arrangements.  

As a member, keep your ears open to talented singers who could join our group: fellow chorus or choir members; singers who are in mutual membership in other singing groups; postings in your favorite hotspots: gyms, churches, employment; if you hear someone singing enthusiastically to the ambient music in the grocery store, any retail store or other scenario, on pitch, then think “invite!” We have cards and flyers that you can hand out. Don’t be bashful. Compliment to their beautiful voices and ask them to check out the A Cappella Singers.

For more information, please contact us at or (774) 231-1963.

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In-person rehearsals are back!
We ask singers to show proof of COVID vaccination and boosters, and to wear a mask, preferably a singer's mask.